Demanding our attention at her determination at understanding the 
definition of the word lascivious brought us to that conversation.  
"I have always been a little socially inept, not really knowing exactly what 
women want from me has brought me to this point of despair, of not even 
willing to try most of the time, unless a woman throws herself at me, exposes 
her breast quickly and delegates my lips to touch them", he says.  
" I know exactly what you mean, living in Mexico during my youth where the 
laws of Catholicism are so hard core, you're pretty much destined to lose 
your virginity late in life or losing it to a girl that you know you will 
marry (because of the act) soon after. Coming from that background, I could 
never understand American's society obsession with premarital sex, why it's 
bad, why the children are starting out so young, why it's so rampant in high 
school where all you hear is men bragging about how much ass they were 
getting in those good ol' days".
" The weekend before I started high school I was invited to a party with some 
older kids, I was goofy looking and naieve, didn't know what to expect, was 
trying a little too hard to be cool and was the first time that I had drank 
hard liquor.  In a strange haze, the entire room began to sob over some 
stupid song by the "Scorpions" crying about how good this band is, and how 
the song takes them to god knows where.  Unable to understand their emotional 
link to the song, two girls, one fourteen the other fifteen, came up to me 
and took me to the parents' room.  They began to strip, and I'm not saying 
'lets take off our clothes in a hurry', but the dance, the swaying of the 
hips, the sexy stares, the whole likes of stripping, and well, I think they 
really knew what they were doing.  One was wearing red lingerie and was very 
voluptuous, the other was wearing baby blue underwear and was more angular.  
The slightly older one began to take off my clothing and I began to panic. 
The closest I had ever been to a person of the opposite sex was a French 
kiss, a held hand, I had never been exposed to a naked breast much less four 
leaning against my body, demanding my mouth, I was on stimulation overdrive.  
"Oh this is perfect, I think you could market this to some creative writing 
professor as a writing prompt for his students, you should let us finish this 
story for you, see what different endings we could come up with, where our 
imaginations will take you"
" I believe that having had all the liquor, and your obsession with wearing 
multiple T-shirts at one time, the girls got tired of stripping off one after 
the other and gave up."  This he says, having known that David usually wears 
three to four shirts during one time.
"Falling into clichés my ending for that would be "and then I woke up"
"Close, very close I have to admit"
"I think you fell asleep, yeah I think my protagonist in this writing prompt 
would have to fall asleep, he's fourteen, he's confused, he's drunk for the 
first time, it's too much, it can't be a happy ending, I don't see it, if it 
were a good story about being with two girls at so young an age it would have 
definitely started out by pointing that piece of information out in the 
"So now I have to finish, ready?  I was so embarrassed, so overwhelmed, I 
didn't know what to do, I also came to the conclusion that if this kind of 
threesome was happening for me without my pursuit two days before high 
school, I definitely would get the same kind of action later, wouldn't I?  
The room literally began to spin around and I closed my eyes and pretended to 
sleep, I'm talking full on Oscar winning performance, the noises the heaving 
chest, everything, I think they felt the same way though, cause I don't 
remember pretending for too long when I realized that they had fallen asleep 
as well. So this is the story of how I didn't lose my virginity."