January 17, 2000


The following spewings arenít exactly on a topic I hope you will see me talk about many times in my writing career. You see, Iím no avid feminist, I donít like feminists, and I donít read their own personal spewings if Iím not forced to. But hang with me, female readers, because I do respect them, and I am slightly upset by what the feminist movement has become.

What the feminist movement seems to have become is a monotonous cycle fueled by a bunch of ridiculous "beauty" magazines that have forgotten what real feminism is about. Instead of "beauty tips" these magazines have become veritable Karma Sutras of popular culture, teaching every girl from the college student, to the 13 year-old with her 1st boyfriend that real "girl power" is gained through sex.

With the writings of these "real women" in tow, these kids go out and become as innocently promiscuous as possible. I donít blame the girls for this, I truly donít. Fact is the girls idolize those models! From clean hair to clean cheeks, they will do anything to put themselves into their skin. I donít know why these girl cant see that the writers they adore are merely petty advertisers, and I donít know what makes these girls sacrifice themselves for an image of true love. Unfortunately, they do it every day.

It is only after these false perceptions of love and power crumble that they realize how duped they have become. You see, it doesnít matter what a beauty magazine has to offer. In the game of adolescence, "loose" is a term that will never go out of style.

Then there are the advice columns, which advise their readers to flip inside out, and to flip their mates inside out, in order to become the perfect couple. What I fail to see is why 99% of these women would want to date, marry, or be engaged to a man who quite obviously doesnít care to be with her. Why are these women turning backflips so they can be stuck pretending to be someone theyíre not and lying to their partners? Why does she want to be with a guy who she must reconstruct in order to stomach? Being that I know fairly little about the male psyche, and not wanting to assume things, I asked a kid I know what he thought about these mags and their advice columns. And what did he say? "Only if the guy likes a put-out slut. The fact of the matter is that the majority of guys want different things, and the group represented isn't as big as they would like to think."

Iím fairly certain that the aforementioned "kid" is a Nice Guy. And since the obvious goal of these delirious women is to find a Nice Guy, Iíd take those words to heart.