One mindless job coming right up!

by Archana

Well, letís seeÖI feel like writing about something different today. This week.You wake up in the morning to the sound of birds; you hear the wind singing its own gusty song. Yea, thereís a sunrise with the sun floating among brilliant clouds. "Whatever. That doesnít matter," you think, and you continue to peel yourself out from the bed and follow your tightly scheduled agenda that all those groggy-eyed, caffeine-corrupted, work-a-holics seem to love. #9;When youíre hobbling down the stairs, I might say to you, "Look! The colors are so pretty outside. Doesnít everything seem to glow as if touched by the sunís blessing?" And, as if already desensitized to the rest of the world, you continue hobbling down the stairs to get some coffee from the over-used Cappuccino maker that you have to knock a couple of times for it to function properly. A flock of blackbirds soar above a newly formed rainbow from the storm earlier that morning, but you slip into your old í86 Cadillac to join the miasma of rattling engines, all soaking in a thick greyish-green bath of smoke. Have you completely forgotten the rest of the world? If you ever decided to look at a tree, your brain would freeze [like that computer screen at which you stare all day] as a result of having to process something other than a computer screen, a stack of papers, or traffic signals. I just do not see how people can enjoy waking every morning just to sitting in a car for hours on the way to some work place where they donít want to be [where they have an impending deadline to meet] and stay there for half a day and return to a home to pretend to sleep for three hours and then start it all over again. Everyone hurries. Everyone wants time to fly as quickly as possible so he can die without ever realizing if he lived. All these stiff-backed, tight suited, unblinking automatons who live in a world of only straight lines, they make me sick. To think that some day I might have to submissively give in to all this mindless nonsense makes me recoil. Is all the work Iím doing now just going to lead me there? Thereís no point in trying so hard to "succeed" if all these people [who did the same thing Iím doing now] have become "yes men" and let other people twist and shape them the way they


No, I refuse. It will not happen to me.