Darkness all around,

I’m blindly moving

Towards death.

May my journey be short…

The light of life

Cruelly betrayed me

When I tried to reach it.

My intentions were pure,

All I wanted was

To live every moment.

I didn’t deserve it,

And now I’m lost

On my way to the other side.

All alone,

There’s no hand I can hold…

It’s strange,

I can still feel…

For the strangers,

The servants of life.

They can’t…

When is this journey gonna end?

Probably never,

I don’t deserve to die…

Nor to live…

My whole existence,

A vicious circle…

Pain is my only companion.

Don’t let me waste your time,

With my struggling for this lost game.

You’ll regret the day

I crossed your illuminated path and met you.

Just go away,

Don’t let yourself be captured in my net…