I drain your life.

I breathe your breathing.

I kill your hopes.

I waste your time.

Thereís no way out

From this wicked game.

So donít come near.

Donít fall in my trap.

All I can give you is pain.

My greedy, faceless figure

Can only destroy you.

My fears will drown you.

My truths will scare you,

My feelings are gonna turn

Into your worst nightmares.

Iím gonna haunt

Your meaningless existence.

And Iíll never be pleased

No matter how big,

The destruction I cause is.

Donít let my kind mask trick you.

Donít let my sorrow full you.

Donít feel pity

For my wounded soul.

All I want is to feel

Your blood in my veins

After Iíve violently murdered you.

Choked you with my bare hands

And left your dead body

Be corrupted by time.

Donít blame me

Itís all because of my weakness.

My disability to reach you,

And equally be up there with you.





Did you notice today

that I wasnít there?

Did this make you feel

Any better?

I truly hope soÖ

I was here, trying

To connect my pieces.

Put them together

And find myself.

But there were so many pieces missing,

You hold most of them.

You are what is missing

Form my insufficient self.

Your whole existence,

Your truths.

And now that I put

Whatever I can together,

Thereís an empty space left,

Waiting for you to come back.

Now that I see more carefully,

There are more empty spaces

That I donít know how to fill.

I must have lost something

On my way here.

Where, I donít know.

So many holes on my soul

That will never be filled,

Youíll never come backÖ

I long the days,

When I felt whole,

Even though I wasnítÖ

Is it too late to change

The emptiness that overwhelms me?

Thereís no much time left,

I gotta hurry

Before the journey comes to an end.