The Editorís Rant

By Cristine




"There's a brand new talk, but it's not very clear
That people from good homes are talking this year
It's loud and tasteless and I've heard it before"

David Bowie- Fashion


Sorry kids, but its time I let the manic dog out of the cage. Early on, I told myself I wasnít going to let this be a rant zine. Reading someoneís pathetic spew has always seemed a waste of my time, unless it is in a nice, clean essay format. However, I am the editor of this thing and maybe, just maybe youíll leave this page a little changed. And I wonít have to put up with you anymore.

Today I spent 30 minutes of my badly deteriorating life watching a show called Versus. The idea is this: get two groups of people who hate each other (e.g.: snowboarders and skiers.) in a game show setting, then watch the aggression fly.

And this is entertainment? Sadly, Iím afraid it is. But not only entertainment. It just goes to show the level of aggression in our country today. There is a new feeling of defiance in the air. Youíre simply not fashionable until youíre against something. Sarcasm is now a marketable product. The new romantics of our age will be remembered as sadist, unhappy rebels, eager to complain about anything they come across.

But its not just the rebels we can blame for this new trend towards cynicism and contention. Itís detectable in all social groups. Newspapers have become increasingly negative, religious groups declare their discontent for everything under the sun. Everyone is a critic. Everyone has an enemy.

Now, Iím certainly no flower child, but what happened to acquiescence? Itís easy to criticize someone else, but itís hard to look inside and stand up for what you believe. That is the true test of your devotion.