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Inside: To Polyies, News Issues from the Leftists, A Little(literal) Essay on Love, and a Poem that Pulp Quite Likes.







First off, and most importantly, to our Poly fans: SHOUT OUTS! (Oh no, please.) Pulp is the OFFICIAL crap zine of the poly rooms and we're ever so proud.

From Cristine:

Hi there…I've got issues. Other than those.

From Colin:

Colin sent this to me a while ago, very late at night. He was worried, but I like it a great deal-C

There are too many things I want to say, so

many ways I want to say, 'I love you', but I can only sum it up in those

three. For some reason though, that is not enough. Internally it feels

stronger than any three words have the power to express. I feel like I

have to do something phenomenal, something so expressive, something, some

way, completely original and with so much meaning to show how I feel, as no

three words can ever show how I feel about her. These clichéd, over

used words have little meaning anymore. Used daily as an instinctive

response, a reflex to the action of another. And, as it is so widely used for

non-sensical purposes for those who do not understand its meaning, the

what they say it becomes an act; taken from films, but the best actors

can, and do fool us with false meaning. I just wish I could use these

three words, this renowned phrase in its full, original power and

strength before it lost all resemblance to the potential energy held

inside a phrase with such a hidden meaning, known to all but seldom fully felt.

Now, it, to many, is just a con, used for pleasure's purpose, or to

comfort, strengthen with false confidence or is it just a misunderstanding by

the naive? For its many reasons, this once long used, once miraculous

phrase which held phenomenal meaning has now diminished, faded into the past

and is as over used and is thoroughly comparable to a cheap curry, which

sometimes tastes good and, with substance, can provide a hunger temporarily,

but in today's society, has only a impractical use. Now more intense ways are

sought after to prove one's love one's devout feeling for another. While

some still believe that 'I love you' is reserved for the one that it

has true meaning. Those are the ones who have and ace in their hand and

need to be preserved, for although an old fashioned path, it is one of dignity,

pride and honesty. How I wish I were one of those few who took it

that this little sentence would come to mean the person they referred it

to would be the only perceivable one for them. But as misused, as it is,

I still need a better way, which even in today's society, literature

cannot compare to in feeling. What I sense is more than are or action can

produce, more than a musical work or a bodily exchange of fluids. This, my

explanation of love and its meaning to me, although a lot of waffle and

tripe is my excuse and confession that I cannot express how I feel in its

entirety, but I know I've found the one. A Poem Pulp Quite Likes:

I remember

the first time I felt the fragility of a record
like a spark.

and the power of a disco ball.

I remember

fear of too-fat thighs

in pants that swept the ground

free of pollution.

And of thin-soled shoes

that read on so many lives unknowingly

knowing only of herself

and ambition

without filing themselves down

with the grit of obligation.
Thanx to lena for sending that in....we shall think about it all day long~