The Only Thing That Matters


Not to be confused

With the one that hurt the most

The one that makes you hurt when you smile

That kinda pain that only little boys feel

Boys who canít understand the nature of their emotions

And who delve deeper and deeper into confusion as the years progress

Hold my hand

And stop me from falling too deep

Too deep into this endless hole that is my life

My love

My hope

For something


The only thing that matters.

--Victor Hugo Mazariegos



A saucy vixen

The kind that you can just sop up

Her tears act as condiments

But nothing so bland

Could ever replace

That which has been taken from her

By the man of her dreams

Stealing into the night

Leaving only her pillow overturned

It since having lost its coolness

And her comforter

No longer serving the purpose

Which its name would suggest.


--Victor Hugo Mazariegos